Our approach is to start with your core message and understand its intended audience. We then research how that particular audience consumes video content and on what platform.

Your video can then be optimised for the social media platform the best suits your needs. We can present these videos in a variety of ways: portrait, landscape, square, etc. Presenting a high quality production in an optimised format only increases the awareness and message of the video.

Think about making a video that works for all mobile devices.

Think about making a video that works for all mobile devices.


awareness - Get on your customers’ radar.

These videos typically have high-entertainment value and broad appeal, so they attract as many people as possible. They can be a powerful tool in drawing attention to your organisation and the key issues that matter to you, while inspiring viewers to become customers.Round-ups - “The Top 5 Best Yoga Mats”

  • Company culture/meet the team video - “Meet Joanna”

  • Behind the scenes

  • Interviews

engagement - spark a reaction!

Spark a reaction, whether that’s a like, comment, or share.

Videos in this category usually play to the viewer’s emotions and are either highly humorous, dramatic, or play on well-known tropes. These videos are nearly impossible not to engage with and invite participation, whether that’s tagging friends in a comment, sharing, or liking.

  • Humorous video/skit

  • Vlog

  • Video emails



Teach your audience something.

These videos are first and foremost informative. They have a clear message and are succinct and concise by nature. If you’re targeting potential customers, that might mean a customer case study. If you’re targeting current customers, it could be a how-to video, explainer, or review of your product or service.

  • How-to/explainer

  • Product review

  • Q&A

  • Announcement video

  • Case study/testimonial

  • Tour

  • Feature explainer

  • Live talks/presentations