Creating an immersive video means you have to take creative risks to produce a video that is going to hit the benchmark when engaging with your audience. We’re here to help you understand the best way to deliver your message with a video.

We’ve kept our video capabilities in line with what audiences will pay attention to, with a focus on optimising videos for use across social media platforms.

Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured is lower than the frequency used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. It’s process of capturing a long period of time and playing it back at a far greater speed in a small amount of time.

This is the foundation of what we do. Predominantly a digital process, videography covers a wide range of techniques and styles. We start with an understanding of where your video will be placed and its target audience. This allows us to strategize optimum avenues for the video’s success. Shooting a live action video oftentimes allows for a more sincere connection with your audience.

Also known as immersive videos or spherical videos, these recordings capture a full 360° field of view in every direction, all at once. A 360° capture can either be a still image or a moving video and in both cases provide the viewer with an omnidirectional immersive experience giving them complete control of the viewing direction.

A motion graphics video is essentially animated graphic design. Through a combination of digitally created graphics and text, presented with music and concise copy, we can present your message far more effectively than a live action video by itself - particularly if that message is complicated.



Working with our long time associate Julian Bennett, we recently worked with CORELLA a new brand which has just launched in Selfridges worldwide. Working with the team to create a series of videos to launch the brand in stores and online. Including social videos for their stories and posts.  


Up at the O2 - A 360 Immersive Experience


We recently scaled UP at the O2, climbing 50 metres to the top of the circular platform which suits the 360 camera perfectly.



Trina Solar Brings Training Academy to Lotus F1 Team HQ


Working with Trina Solar to deliver a film that captured the week long installation of the solar panels to the roof of the new training academy which powered the entire building was a challenge (filming in all weathers). However the result condensed a week worth of installation into 30-seconds.